Author: Sizzle Documentation

Building a SizzleFX From A Video File With Alpha Channel in Adobe After Effects

Creating a SizzleFX is a fast and efficient way of creating augmented reality experiences with people and other motion visuals.

Creating your media library structure

Creating a proper media library structure for your use of Sizzle depends entirely on how you and your team use the platform.

Programming Your YouTube Video

There are many ways to program a YouTube Video. The first experience is the most basic, and if accepted, can be included into the Sizzle Concierge system.

Creating and using locations

Locations are used in Sizzle to enable the linking of offers in the Watch section to specific locations for directions to each individual location that you wish to add to a video offer.

Producing An Augmented Reality Project

This allows a single 3D model to be either imported from a client supplied file, or converted from a client supplied file, or created from scratch.

GPS, Time, Search and Artificial Intelligence Offers

Regionalized offers require delivery of specific latititude and longitude coordinates for each location as found on Google Maps