GPS, Time, Search and Artificial Intelligence Offers


Regionalized offers require delivery of specific latitude and longitude coordinates for each location as found on Google Maps

Deliver: Sizzle Offer, URL, Social Media Site, Offer in Wallet to Redeem at physical location, download of app, share on social media, download of white paper or contact information, or add to calendar, call now, text or email now, enter contest, poll, sweepstakes, quiz, test or other interactive engagement. Play video, deliver digital swag, show augmented reality television or augmented reality products, deliver a code to download a video. Play SIzzle spin, Sizzle AR Games. SIzzle Ignore Me Game or other game


Time offers are designed to be incredibly timely. Your team is up by 14, time to get an offer to buy the jersey. The final outcome of a specific championship game is known, 30 seconds later in Sizzle, we are delivering you the offer to buy the winning team championship themed merchandise. Timed offers are great for physical locations. Motivation to access all sorts of privileged content at specific times and then restrict it. There are hundreds of unique time based requirements. Far too many to explain here.


Search allows users to find what they are seeking straight from the home page. Launch Sizzle and search XYZ and Sizzle will deliver you to an offer for XYZ inside Sizzle.


Sizzle is incorporating machine learning to assist our artificial intelligence of becoming a concierge. Watch for these features to unfold in the months ahead.

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