Producing An Augmented Reality Project

Single Item Searchable and Viewed

This allows a single 3D model to be either imported from a client supplied file, or converted from a client supplied file, or created from scratch. Various work costs apply depending upon which option gets the model into the system and behaving as expected.

Multiple Items Searchable and Viewed

Same as above, but includes quantity of models and potential relationships to one another.

Motion 3D Models Searchable, Viewed and Recordable and shareable

Same as above, except the model is rigged for animations, and various animation programming is required to deliver your choice of effects and experiences.

Augmented Reality Floating Games

Sizzle floating AR games are an exciting way to get your customers to engage in unique and compelling ways. The traditional game hosts about 20 objects floating in mid air. The user is first enticed to take a picture and share that image on social media. You may pair this behavior with a hashtag campaign that awards the most creative use of the augmented reality images. The user must pick one of these objects and a prize or offer is distributed mathematically. This is defined in the Parameters column for Sizzle Spin.


Sizzle delivers augmented reality treasure hunts with many unique features and opportunities, too long to spell out in this document. Contact The Illusion Factory to customize a Sizzle Treasure Hunt that will drive traffic to new locations on your property, develop loyal clientelle, and expand your audience base with viral discussions about the experience, the offers and the prizes won.

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