Merchant Accounts

Listing your first product

To sell a product in the Sizzle Marketplace, you must first create a product listing. Sizzle offers you the option of listing your products manually one at a time, or uploading your products in large batches using our bulk uploading inventory management.

YouTube and streaming offers

Sizzle enables you to put an interactive layer atop your videos on YouTube which is functional ONLY IN THE SIZZLE APP.

Processing Orders

These charts are simplified divisions of responsibility in the processing of an order in Sizzle. Order Placed Sizzle Actions Confirmation email sent Vendor notified of new order Sizzle as Merchant of Record, processes the payment. When payment is cleared, Sizzle transmits via ACH to Vendor’s account Vendor Actions Process order placement Contact customer as necessary…

Quick steps for adding products to your Sizzle Shop

This tutorial is created to give you a short cut to setting up a basic store in Sizzle. As with any business, putting the time in to learn the tools and systems will enable you to make best use of them. Let’s get started.

Grouping common SKUs in your store by size or other units of measure

After you follow our instructions for how to prepare a proper XLV file to import your store contents from another system into Sizzle, you will discover that all of your items have most likely imported as individual SKUs and you will want to group them together, by size and style