YouTube and streaming offers

Your YouTube videos made interactive:

Sizzle enables you to put an interactive layer atop your videos on YouTube which is functional ONLY IN THE SIZZLE APP. This interactivity does not work, when viewed in YouTube. Programming your videos to be watched in the Sizzle app, still plays them on YouTube, so your total views on YouTube are counting with watches on Sizzle, but in Sizzle, you are able to add many interactive experiences that you cannot do in YouTube, including:

  • Making your content searchable through the Sizzle Concierge that points people to many exciting experiences.
  • Allow your video to be instantly transactional by pairing products in your video with:
  • BUY IT NOW capabilities anywhere along the video timeline (search Vuline in the Watch section of Sizzle app for an example of how this works)
  • Generate downloads from videos including apps, white papers, presentations, contact cards, digital coupons and more
  • Put your media behind a Sizzle Pay Wall with transactional capabilities
  • Create branching storylines in which your audience can navigate their way through interactive journeys
  • There are many other opportunities, search Sizzle Video Experiences in the Sizzle Data Sheets

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