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Sizzle Company Philosophy

Imagination, Innovation, Inspiration Promoting Sustainable, Inclusive Culture™

Processing Orders

These charts are simplified divisions of responsibility in the processing of an order in Sizzle. Order Placed Sizzle Actions Confirmation email sent Vendor notified of new order Sizzle as Merchant of Record, processes the payment. When payment is cleared, Sizzle transmits via ACH to Vendor’s account Vendor Actions Process order placement Contact customer as necessary…

Sizzle Feature Sets

This document details the requirements of each feature of Sizzle. The features are independent of each other, though many share similar requirements.

Sizzle Games Overview

A Sizzle Game is a fun interactive experience for a Sizzle user to try their luck at winning a free prize or the opportunity to purchase an item at a discount.

Using Sizzle for market research

Sizzle delivers an opportunity to provide market research from a nonproximal audience. Users may be recruited from around the world.

YouTube and streaming offers

Sizzle enables you to put an interactive layer atop your videos on YouTube which is functional ONLY IN THE SIZZLE APP.

Making successful scan offers

Scan any printed or visual media and Sizzle Offer Engine can deliver the User to any of these possible outcomes

Sizzle Professional Community Guidelines

Sizzle is a company that aims to put its members first when it comes to making important decisions. Millions of professional conversations and shared insights are being exchanged every day on Sizzle.