Sizzle Games Overview

Sizzle Games


A Sizzle Game is a fun interactive experience for a Sizzle user to try their luck at winning a free prize or the opportunity to purchase an item at a discount.


Game Winnings

Every play of a game results in a “win” to the user. There are two types of winnings in a Sizzle Game, prizes and offers. All winnings are awarded by chance, with prizes being won at a specifically set rate. 


A prize is any item, service, or experience of value that a Sizzle user may win completely free of any cost, of any additional purchase and free shipping is included. A prize may require that the user appear at a physical location to claim their prize, but again, no condition of spending additional money would be required. Each prize can have a max number of total wins, as well as a max number of wins over a specific time period.


An offer is any item, service, or experience of value that a Sizzle user may win a discount towards a purchase. An offer may require that the user appear at a physical location to claim their offer, and an additional purchase may be required… such as buy a dinner, get a dessert for free.


The possibilities for gameplay are virtually endless, however they will all follow a similar functionality.

A user selects the specific game that they would like to play, and that game is opened.

The user chooses the prizes they wish to play for, or has them chosen at random. A typical number of prizes that a user might choose would be four. 

The user then is taken to the main game interface where they initiate gameplay.

Once the gameplay has finished, the user is presented with their winnings. Their prize/offer is automatically added to their wallet for redemption.

A user can only play a game once over a period of time. Each game has its own frequency settings.


Vendors providing the game winnings are expected to handle all redemption on their own. They must provide any necessary codes/etc. Every winning is given a unique code from Sizzle for our own tracking. Upon receipt of a winning, the prize/offer is added to the user’s wallet for redemption. They may reward the user with digital goods of any kind that involve a link to download that content. They may require a user to appear at a physical location for redemption, and claim the prize or redeem the offer.

The user may view the details of their winnings without redeeming them. Once the user is ready to redeem the offer, they will tap the Redeem My Prize(Offer) button. They will be shown a prompt reminding them that this can only be done once. If the user confirms that they are ready, the winning graphic is shown which contains any/all information necessary for redemption, such as barcodes and the Sizzle generated code. The information is supplied to the vendor as needed. Once the user redeems the offer, it is marked in the database as having been redeemed and will no longer be available to the user. 

There is a grace period in case the user was unable to redeem the winning for any reason. If the user was unable to redeem the winning, they may contact Sizzle and Sizzle will confirm with the vendor that the winning was not redeemed before reinstating the winning as available for redemption. 


A game will have a play counter that determines the winning of a prize. The counter is fully adjustable at any time. A prize will be awarded after that play count has been met. The prize will be randomly chosen from the user’s chosen options. Upon being met, the play count will reset. If the play count has not yet been met, an offer will be awarded.


No game inside the Sizzle platform may ever have a cost associated with playing it. The app is a free download, the games are never cost for entry, so that the US Lottery laws are not violated.


Sizzle offers branded games for a single brand or a coupling of brands. Sizzle offers themed Sizzle Spin games, based upon a theme that we believe our users will gravitate to. Sizzle reserves the right to determine if a product is a good fit for any one of our wheels. Sizzle allows the insertion of single or multiple items in a game, as prizes or offers.


Sizzle game outcomes are not determined by luck. They are determined by mathematical outcomes. As a brand making offers and giving away prizes in Sizzle, we offer a complete math formula to ensure the ratio of prizes that your brand offers, correlates to the expected number of conversions that your brand expects to make with the offers. In a basic example, if your brand is providing an offer to save 20% on a 10 dollar item, you would need to calculate what take rate of your offer is reasonable. We suggest working with a 1% take rate. 

Based upon that conversion factor, it is entirely up to the brand to determine how many offers would need to convert before the brand is willing to put up a free prize. At the end of the equation, a prize is just a cost of business in marketing to sell the products in the offers. The math ratio of how those relate to one another, are always up to the brand and may be modified within reason as the campaign progresses, to ensure profitability for the brand.

Data Flow

  • Game Lobby
    • Pulls list of games
      • Name
      • Description
      • Thumbnail
  • Game Details
    • Gets all information for a specific game
      • Name
      • Description
      • Themes
      • Available Prizes
      • Last Play
  • Play Game
    • Chooses the winning
      • Offer or Prize
      • Saves it to the database as pending
    • Allows the game to proceed
  • Finish Game
    • Completes the play
    • Assigns the winning to the user’s wallet.

Sizzle Spin

A merchant may either add an offer or a prize to a Sizzle Spin game, if Sizzle feels it is a good fit for the game. Sizzle reserves the right to disallow any product or prize offer for any reason. A merchant may desire to have their own branded Sizzle Spin Game. Sizzle will review the offers and prizes that the merchant desires to use and and approve content as being suitable for the SIzzle platform. Please review the Sizzle technical specs document for the requirements of including a prize or offer in SIzzle games, and for the artwork and other considerations required for making a custom Sizzle Game.

Sizzle Floating AR Items

Sizzle floating AR games are an exciting way to get your customers to engage in unique and compelling ways. The traditional game hosts about 20 objects floating in mid air. The user is first enticed to take a picture and share that image on social media. You may pair this behavior with a hashtag campaign that awards the most creative use of the augmented reality images. The user must pick one of these objects and a prize or offer is distributed mathematically. This is defined in the Parameters column for Sizzle Spin.

Sizzle AR Floating AR Menus

The Sizzle AR system enables you to post enticing drinks, desserts, appetizers and entrees into the Sizzle system for your users to choose between, and order from. This is shareable on social media as discussed above. It is also a fun and useful way to get your guests to order from a remote menu at the Pool, Cabana, Room, Golf Course or other on property regions that could increase overall sales with a new twist.

Sizzle Main Courses AR Food Over Dinner Plates

Bring a new wave of excitement to a restaurant by allowing guests to point Sizzle at an empty plate and swipe through 20 images of your most enticing dishes. Customers love to have the experience that replicates that feeling of seeing what the person at the table across from you has ordered. Impulse purchases will increase with this simple AR addition to your establishment.

Sizzle Hot Spots In YouTube Game

Take your company logo, and make it appear randomly over the period of your video for just a glimpse of a second to create a hand/eye coordination game.

Try To Ignore Our Brand Game!

Using Sizzle’s retina scan technology, Sizzle offers a YouTube or Sizzle hosted game in which a user is instructed that retina scan is in use, and it is demonstrated so the user gets it. Then the user is instructed to watch a video in portait mode. A green triangle appears at the bottom of the screen. The brand’s logo appears at the top of the screen. The user is told if they can ONLY look at the green triangle for 60 seconds, then they win an offer or a prize. Then for the next 60 seconds, the brand does everything in their creative handbook to distract the viewer to look at their logo. It could be a star performer, a series of very attractive male or females parading around, could be very comedic, could be startling. Could use sounds creatively to cause the distraction, etc. Ask The Illusion Factory to create this for you. This game is also very viral.

Pet Virtual Characters

Sizzle enables augmented reality treasure hunts. These hunts can be the opportunity to find and adopt virtual pet characters seen as augmented reality. This product group may be paired with microtransactions as a new revenue stream. Sizzle’s image recognition, paired with virtual pets can make virtual pets appear on your user’s shoulders when they take a selfie. Hand gestures and facial gesture recognition add to the potential of this platform. Speak with The Illusion Factory about building systems like this for use inside Sizzle.

Send Us A Photo Now!

Sizzle is equipped to deliver internal messages in our platform. If you want to create an impulsive game in which users are challenged to do something spontaneous in a 60 second window, Sizzle can give you the easy platform to make that form of game take life. Example… do you love this 2019 Yellow Camaro? Want to win it? Quick take a picture of anything yellow for your random chance of winning the Camaro and send it to us. Great opportunity for audience engagement, data capture, and viral discussion amongst friends.

Augmented Reality Treasure Hunts

Sizzle delivers augmented reality treasure hunts with many unique features and opportunities, too long to spell out in this document. Contact The Illusion Factory to customize a Sizzle Treasure Hunt that will drive traffic to new locations on your property, develop loyal clientele, and expand your audience base with viral discussions about the experience, the offers and the prizes won.


Think you are the expert in all costs of exiting products and experiences? Put your knowledge to the test with Sizzle shopper. Sizzle provides you three items and three price tags that you have to match. If you succeed, you advance to the next level. There are many levels and many products. Sizzle can insert your brand, experiences or services into this game, or build one specifically around your merchandise.

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