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Optional codes for different kinds of coupons and offers for Sizzle games

This wiki article is an extension of the article: Creating coupon codes for your Sizzle Shop to use in Sizzle Games in which we taught you how to make a coupon offer inside your Sizzle Shop.

Quick steps for adding products to your Sizzle Shop

This tutorial is created to give you a short cut to setting up a basic store in Sizzle. As with any business, putting the time in to learn the tools and systems will enable you to make best use of them. Let’s get started.

Building a SizzleFX From A Video File With Alpha Channel in Adobe After Effects

Creating a SizzleFX is a fast and efficient way of creating augmented reality experiences with people and other motion visuals.

Creating your media library structure

Creating a proper media library structure for your use of Sizzle depends entirely on how you and your team use the platform.