Closing Your Account

How do I close my account?

Closing your account means shutting off your profile and removing access to all your Sizzle information from our site. If you have an Advanced, Enterprise or Elite account, you can cancel the access, but still keep your free Basic account to retain your profile, connections, and other information.

Before you close your only Sizzle account, please note:

  • You won’t have access to your connections or any information you’ve added to your account.
  • Your profile will no longer be visible on Sizzle.
  • Search engines like Yahoo!, Bing, and Google may still display your information temporarily due to the way they collect and update their search data. Learn more about how your profile shows up in search engine results

You can close your Sizzle account on the Privacy & Settings page.

Canceling Your Advanced, Enterprise or Elite Account

How do I cancel my current Advanced, Enterprise or Elite account?

You can cancel your Advanced, Enterprise or Elite account and revert to a free Basic account at any time:

  1. Log into your Account
  2. Under Account type, click Cancel subscription.
  3. Choose a cancellation reason and click Continue.
  4. Click Cancel my subscription.

Note: When canceling your Advanced, Enterprise or Elite account:

  • Cancellation will end billing and remove your access to any Advanced, Enterprise or Elite features at the end of your current billing cycle.
  • Changes will be effective on the billing expiration date of your current subscription, at the end of the monthly renewal date for Advanced, Enterprise or Elite accounts, and at the end of the year for annual Advanced, Enterprise or Elite accounts.
  • If you were on a plan, promotion or price that is no longer offered, you will not be able to re-purchase that same plan again or re-purchase at the promotional price.
  • If you choose to cancel your Advanced, Enterprise or Elite subscription, you will no longer have access to all of the analytics on your dashboard.

Note: All of your Advanced, Enterprise or Elite features expire as soon as your cancellation takes effect at the end of your current billing cycle, so make sure you use all your analytic data before your account is canceled.

It may be possible in some instances to downgrade to our lowest priced plan. In most cases, this is the only available option for downgrade.

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